Cat Cactus Scratcher
Cat Cactus Scratcher
Cat Cactus Scratcher

Cat Cactus Scratcher

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🐈Indulge Your Cats With This New Cat Tree🐈

Let your feline friend stretch their muscles out and exercise their claws on this Cat Cactus Scratcher.

Cats have a natural inclination to use their claws and stretch their bodies vertically, and this scratching post provides an opportunity for both.

It is also a magical solution to your problem of cat scratches on your furniture, wallpapers, etc. as it meets your cat’s scratching needs.

Made with vibrant sisal rope with sturdy base, this scratcher mimics cactus that looks cute and fresh adding a brilliant pop of color to your interiors and will give your space a totally tropical vibe. 

All of our 6 different cactus scratchers are fashionable in style, easy to assemble and includes all pieces, hardware, instructions, and tools.

They are prettiest scratching posts you’ve ever had!


🌵Easy To Assemble: This cactus scratch post is out of the box and ready for your cats to enjoy in minutes.

🌵Enjoy Hours Of Fun: Provide hours of entertainment for your cat. Watch your cat swat, chase, and play with this fin cat tree all day long.

🌵Resembles To A Plant: Cat scratching post blends into any decor. It fits multiple color schemes, and adds a fun flair to any room

🌵Carpet-Like Material: Made from sisal which is used by many major carpet brands, will stand up to your cat's toughest play.


  • Material: Sisal Rope + Wood
  • Weight: 2800g/4100g

Package Includes:

1 x Cat Cactus Scratcher