Eyelash Ring Tool
Eyelash Ring Tool
Eyelash Ring Tool
Eyelash Ring Tool
Eyelash Ring Tool
Eyelash Ring Tool

Eyelash Ring Tool

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😍Create Hybrid & Volume Lash Sets Easily😍

Tired of skin irritation from glue and taping lashes to your hand?

Here’s a tiny yet effective solution for that!

This Eyelash Ring Tool is a futuristic looking finger palette which makes creating eyelash extensions easier, cleaner and faster. It can be used to hold grafting eyelashes, pigment, glue, remover or lash primer.

This amazing tool ensures you have the lashes you need close up on your finger so the pick up, dip and place is all in one area close to the eyes in the safest possible way. The lashes will be easily accessible and visible at all times.

With this special tool, you can ease the aches and pains by keeping your movements minimal. It’s a lash palette and adhesive ring in one! 

It has a curved surface which allows eyelash extensions to spread apart and makes it evenly spaced, for quick extraction of individual extensions or multiple lashes for volumizing techniques. It snaps easily in and out of the ring for desired positioning in any direction. 

The Eyelash Ring Tool holds up to 3 rows of lashes for convenience. 

Stop fussing with multiple tools to hold your lash necessities and streamline your process with this Eyelash Ring Tool.

How To Use:

  1. Start by cleaning and sanitizing the Eyelash Ring Tool.
  2. Place up to 2-3 rows of your favorite lashes to the tool, applying gentle pressure to the edges of the strip to ensure proper adhesion.
  3. Add a drop of adhesive to the glue ring.
  4. When finished, gently peel lash strips from the palette and clean any left over glue out of the ring with acetone.


  • Material: Plastic

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Lash Bridge
  • 1 x Ring
  • 1 x Adhesive Holder