Heat Transfer Paper
Heat Transfer Paper
Heat Transfer Paper
Heat Transfer Paper
Heat Transfer Paper
Heat Transfer Paper
Heat Transfer Paper
Heat Transfer Paper
Heat Transfer Paper

Heat Transfer Paper

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💝Create Precious Gifts For Your Loved Ones!💝

Create your own shirt, pants, mug, pillow and even more! Customize your own personal gift for your loved ones! 

All you need is your creativity and an iron, customizing your things has never been that easy and fast!

The Heat Transfer Paper is a fun and easy way for you to customize things. It is so easy to use. Simply print out any pattern, logo or graphics you like on the transfer paper and iron onto the apparel, mug, pillow, cap, etc. 

The Heat Transfer Paper works with any kind of inkjet printer and the transferred images are long-lasting without peeling off.


💝Quick & Easy: The transfer paper is so easy to use. Just print out your favourite image and iron onto the apparel for a few minutes.

💝Top Quality Paper: The heat transfer paper is quality-made which is sturdy and perfectly transfers images without cracks or defects. 

💝Hassle-Free Process & Peels Off Easily: Experience hassle-free peeling after the image has been transferred. All print stays onto the cloth after pressed with enough heat.

💝Works With All Kinds Of Inkjet Printers: Use it with Canon, HP, Brothers and other inkjet printers and it is guaranteed to deliver incredible results. 

💝Washable & Long-Lasting: When applied, the image is waterproof and scratch-resistant and can last for a long period of time. Never fade & washable!!!

How To Use:

  1. Print the image by an inkjet printer onto the heat transfer paper.
  2. Place and press the paper face-down onto the apparel.
  3. Gently iron it on the apparel for a few minutes.
  4. Lift up the transfer paper and your customized t-shirt is done! 

Important Note:  

Please ensure that the printer you're using is an inkjet printer. To know the kind of printer you're using:

* Check the label found somewhere on the printer's surface. It should have the word "inkjet" referenced in their name. If not specified, quick search the model on the internet and it will tell you what you are working with.

* Open your printer to see if there are ink cartridges inside. They are small, box-shaped and carry liquid ink.

*Feel free to ask the manufacturer or company what kind of printer you have and have them confirm its type.


  • Color: White (front) is printing side, Pink (back);
  • Size:
    • A4: 210mm x 297mm
    • A3: 297mm x 420mm
  • Ink Type: Heat Sublimation Ink

Package Includes:

  • 1 Set x Heat Transfer Paper (20/50/100pcs)