Mental Health Ring
Mental Health Ring

Mental Health Ring

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To help spread awareness we’ve decided to give away the next 500 of our rings at no cost. Just cover the shipping and handling!


One day you decided to put an end to everything and in that split moment, you decided, No, you’re going to keep going because you know you are worth so much more. That’s what this ring stands for.

You must fight, it will hurt, it will take time, it will need your dedication, a lot of willpower, and sacrifices. You will have to push your body, push it to the max. There is going to be the temptation of you giving in but you mustn’t because I promise you that it will be worth it.


Through our rings and the unity of our customers/followers, we believe, that over time we can create a community where we strive to end the stigma and help each other overcome our struggles.

Wear our beautiful Mental Health Ring to increase your self-confidence and be reminded that we are loved and we are enough to the people in our lives that truly matter.  At the same time, someone might see you wearing it, understand its meaning and you could have uplifted that person without even knowing.

…or you can give this ring as a gift to a loved one today to make them feel loved, increase their confidence and remind them that they are enough.

  • Suicide Prevention – The awareness that will spread from wearing our rings will improve the lives of people who deal with mental health illnesses.
  • Make a Difference – This ring can mean the world of difference to friends and family. It is a great gift to yourself or as a small gesture of goodwill to someone who needs it.
  • Titanium Steel – Crafted with high-quality titanium steel and handmade mirror polishing, the Mental Health Ring is four times more durable than stainless rings. At the same time, unlike silver or copper, titanium steel does not tarnish or turn your finger green.
  • One Size Fits All – Due to its unique open design, the Mental Health Ring can be adjusted to fit all finger sizes, men or women. There is no need to worry about measurements, making it the perfect gift.

Order your Mental Health Ring Today! You are enough and you don’t have to strive to become more worthy, more valid, ore acceptable, or more loved. You already are all of those things. You deserve this.