Steam Cap
Steam Cap
Steam Cap
Steam Cap
Steam Cap
Steam Cap
Steam Cap

Steam Cap

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 Hydrate Thick Dry Resistant Hair

 Drive Moisture Into Hair Cuticle

 Achieve Greater Product Absorption

 Increase Moisture Penetration.

 Stimulate Hair Growth & Enhance Curl Pattern

 Great For All Low/High Porosity Hair Types, Especially Type 4!

At the end of the day, no matter what your curl type or porosity MOISTURE is the goal! Steaming your hair with this Steam Cap while an extra step on wash day, is crucial and worth the added minutes.

Finally hold moisture & achieve hair growth in super coily, kinky hair types (3a-4c) using our deep conditioning Steam Cap.

Our Steam Cap works with all low porosity & high porosity hair types. The 3a-4c hair types will reap the greatest moisture retention benefits. Your wash day and your curls may never be the same!

Feel absolutely confident with your naturally curly hair!

Our Steam Cap makes maintaining & transitioning to natural hair easy.

Whether a beginner or advanced in your natural hair journey, Our Steam Cap feeds your natural hair the moisture it needs. Leaving you less likely to be prone to hair damage such as split ends and hair breakage.

Steaming Those Curls Are Crucial

Our Steam Cap gives your hair a steaming effect. This steaming effect will cause your pores and your hair cuticles to open up which in turn will deliver moisturized hair, eliminating breakage and retaining length resulting in healthy hair growth.

This is ideal for when you are pre-pooing with oils, applying your mask or giving your hair a hot oil treatment. The reason is such that when your follicles are open you are allowing those products and oils to penetrate deeper within your hair strands thus strengthening your hair from within.

If you have been using a product and it doesn't seem to be working, try the Steam Cap to open up those cuticles before quitting on it. Could be the product wasn't able to deeply penetrate your hair strands and do what it needed to.

Unlike traditional steam caps, ours has two settings high/low. Whether the setting you choose, the heat will consistently generate for the ideal 15-20 minutes until it reaches 65 degrees before automatically shutting off. When the temperature is below 45 degrees, it will automatically continue heating. No more microwave walks for you!

The Steam Cap Deep Conditioner Key Benefits:

Increases Scalp Stimulation - Collagen production and blood flow to the scalp is increased which in turn increases the natural oils in our scalp. This combination will help fight product buildup which will lead to healthy hair growth.

Rejuvenates Your Hair - Everyday your hair is attacked by the elements leading it to become dry. The increased moisture retention gained by using our Steam Cap will enhance and strengthen your hair leaving your curls feeling hydrated & refreshed.

Improves Manageability & Elasticity - Your hair becomes much softer after the moisture infusion making it easier to detangle and manage.

Saves You Money - You will begin using fewer products to moisturize your hair which in turn puts more money in your pocket

Travel Friendly - Our Steam Cap is small in size but huge in value. Never worry about failing to achieve maximum pop when away from home.


Input Voltage: 110V

Frequency: 50Hz

Power: 55W

Dimensions: 9.4 x 9.4in

Note: The hair steamer has built-in attemperators, which detect the abnormal high temperature and auto shut off your steamer to protect you and your hair steamer. It will automatically turn back on after the temperature drops below 30 degrees.