USB Baby Wipes Heater
USB Baby Wipes Heater
USB Baby Wipes Heater
USB Baby Wipes Heater
USB Baby Wipes Heater
USB Baby Wipes Heater
USB Baby Wipes Heater
USB Baby Wipes Heater

USB Baby Wipes Heater

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👶Keep Baby's Wipes Warm While On The Go.👶

Babies & their skin have to be looked after with extra care, affection and pamper because they are still delicate and sensitive. And when it comes to changing their nappies, the wipes to be used should be just the right temperature, not too hot and not too cold to keep them relaxed & comfortable.

This USB Baby Wipes Heater will keep the wipes warm due to its innovative top-heating design that provides even and faster heating. It ensures freshness and better hygiene to the baby.

It eliminates the startling tingle of cold baby wipes and makes sure the wipes get lukewarm which is very soothing to the baby's delicate skin especially in cold weather.

Traveling? No worries! This can be perfectly stored in a travel diaper bag. The compact size makes it perfect for busy families on the go.

The wipes warmer is a USB plug-in device. You can charge it wherever and whenever you need.


✔️Strong Adhesion: The wipes heater has a strong adhesion and can be pasted 100 times after testing.

✔️Ultra-fine Heating: Equipped with advanced heating element that helps to evenly distribute the heat from the bottom and up, this wipes warmer prevents heat loss

✔️Fast and Easy: With this wipes warmer, changing your baby’s diapers and cleaning will be fast and easy. The flip-top lid gives easy access to the wipes. The device is designed for one-handed operation, where you can use one hand to change the baby and the other one for grabbing the wipe.

✔️Convenient & Safe Design: The device is lightweight, portable and handy when you are travelling. It is made of BPA-free plastic & premium rubber, and is easy to clean

✔️Compatibility: Compatible with most baby wipes in the market. The lid opens easily with push button which makes it very convenient to use


  • Material: PP + ABS + Aluminum
  • Size: app.12x8cm/4.72x3.15in
  • Color: Pink
  • Power Supply: USB Charging

Package Includes:

  • 1 x USB Baby Wipes Heater
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable